15 Female Celebs Who Had The Skills To Snatch Up These Hollywood Players

Changing that player mentality can be a challenge, but these players did a complete 180 when these skilled “somebodies” came into their love lives.

It’s not easy for a lady (or a fella in some cases) to get a notorious Hollywood player to settle down. After playing the field for a while, old habits die hard. These famous folks had their pick of the litter, so being with just one person didn’t seem like something that was worth it. Why have just one romantic partner when the world is your oyster?

But every so often, a lady or a guy comes around that makes the player slow down for a moment. They may not be ready to marry, but they may want to curb all that fooling around for a minute. After all, settling down is not so bad when the person you are “settling” for is fabulous. Why “hook up” with a lot of nobodies when there is that special somebody who can sweep them off their feet?

Changing that player mentality can be a challenge, but these players did a complete 180 when these skilled “somebodies” came into their love lives. When it’s right, it’s right, and these players found a partner to satisfy their wants and needs. Who needs the game when they can win Ms. or Mr. Wonderful?

Peruse this list of 15 gals and guys who finally got those long-time players to throw in the towel and try something a little less wild but a whole lot more wonderful. Playing the field is fun while it lasts, but it must get tiring after a while. The game may be over but with the right person, settling down can be just as playful.


Actor George Clooney was a single man for decades. He was known as one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood and he had his fair share of famous women who he dated over the years. Fans and friends surely figured this A-list actor would be a bachelor for life. When a man is in his 50s and settled in his ways, it would take a lot to rock his world.

So, imagine everyone’s surprise when the guy finally found “the one” in the gorgeous, smart, and sophisticated Amal Alamuddin.

She is an international law and human rights barrister with the perfect balance of intelligence and beauty. If George was ever going to settle down, it would be with a worldly woman like Amal. Just when George thought he was the cream of the crop, along came Amal to show him he’s the lucky one to have met her. George had plenty of time to play the field, so when Amal came along, he was ready to retire from his “sport” and say “I do” to this fabulous woman. We all know that George is a fantastic actor, but his greatest role yet is that of husband to Amal and father to their twins.


Justin Timberlake is one of the coolest dudes in the entertainment biz. He has been around for years and fans have loved his body of work every step of the way. He is happily married to the gorgeous and talented Jessica Biel now, but before they got hitched, Justin was a player making his rounds on the single scene. And who could blame the guy? When you are rich and famous like Justin, all the ladies want to be around you. And Justin milked it for all it was worth.

But once he met the lovely Jessica, all bets were off.

There was no need to look any further in “singleville” when such an unbelievable beauty was within his reach. They make a great match and we could not imagine Justin being with anyone else. Sure, it was fun when Justin dated pop princess Britney back in the day, but that relationship was not one that would ever last forever. Jessica and Justin are like two perfect peas in a pod, making family their number-one priority and showing the world how much they are into one another. Fans may wish they still had a shot with JT, but Jessica snagged her sweetie “‘till death.”


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